The O2Pool Concept


Your ecological O2Pool is carefully thought out in order to ensure the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly swimming experience.

Our method incorporates the best ecological, recycled, and renewable technologies along with the current leading systems in biological filtration.



A Liner-Free Sealing System

The unique sealing system used by O2Pool eliminates the need for a liner in your pool. Our pools are overlaid with natural wood, helping to avoid the risk of accidental perforation.

Due to the elasticity of our 100% rubber double-sided sealing, rips and tears are unlikely.  The sealing provides unmatched longevity and guarantees a 20 year warranty.


Coupe piscine bois

Solid Wood Walls

With our unique technology, our customers benefit from a natural and invigorating swim as they bathe in water infused with healthy, rich wood.

The wood we select is known for its unmatched durability, stability, and persistence. Using the same technology as the Romans in the construction of Venice, we are able to ensure that our wooden pools will not decay. Because the wood is entirely submerged in water, it is unexposed to any oxygen. Without oxygen, decomposing microorganisms are unable to survive. As with the foundations of Venice that have existed for centuries, our pools will ensure eternal quality and beauty.


A Custom Pool for No Extra Cost

Our method of construction puts no limit on your ideal pool. The assembly process which we have developed is designed for its modularity and easy implementation. Through this modular system, free of concrete and foundations, we are able to build your custom-designed pool in record time.

The Newest Biological Filtration Technology

With O2pool, a clean pool is no longer synonymous with countless, harmful chemicals and an efficient filtration system is no longer synonymous with regular maintenance and high energy consumption. We are experts in the swimming experience, providing our customers with the comparable opportunity to have an ecological and economical freshwater pool. Our filtration system is designed with the premier environmental technologies or today. We combine purifying UVC rays with advanced BioFilter systems to eliminate all traditionally-used harmful pool chemicals. Moreover, our system promises minimal maintenance and water consumption, as well as one-eighth of the electricity consumption found in a conventional swimming pool.

At O2pool, the regeneration of fresh water is possible. Our biological filters imitate natural filtration systems found in lakes, ponds, and streams. Efficient in every way, our filters are effective and compact.

A Simple and Easy Filtration System

Biological filtration does not imply plants, large areas, or any other added complexity. O2pool offers a simple and compact system. A biological filter is used simply to clean your pool. With unparalleled performance, biological filtration will be neither space-consuming nor complicated.