Naturally Heat Your Pool


In our pools, the primary source of heating is the sun.

A Naturally Heated Pool:

• O2pools are efficient in every way, including heating

• The pool basin is constructed with natural wood, a natural heat-retaining material allowing swimmers to take advantage of every ray of sunlight. Through this natural heating, clients are able to extend the swimming season by one month in both the spring and the fall.

In specific cases, clients may wish to have their pool heated mechanically to further extend the swimming season as well as take advantage of O2pool benefits throughout the year. For environmental reasons, O2pool recommends the use of eco-friendly and efficient heating systems such as Chauffage Solaire, Chauffage Bois, Geothermie and Pompes a Chaleur. For more information, our staff is ready to assist you in finding a wide range of eco-friendly pool-heating systems.