Natural Filtration


In a pool, it is essential that the filtration system operates smoothly, easily, and flawlessly. Our system ensures swimmers with clear, refreshing, and pure water.


O2pool has created an ecological and economical alternative to the classic filtration system:

• Environmentally-friendly and chemical-free

• Consumption of electricity and cleaning products are kept to a minimum. Our system will consume as much as three times less electricity than alternative filtration systems.

Biofiltration - cycle


O2pool utilizes two separate filtration systems proven to be successful throughout the swimming pool industry.

Both a mechanical filter and a moving bed biological filter are used to capture residue on the surface of the water. Two or more skimmers work along with these filters to collect waste along the bottom of the swimming pool. The excess water is released via a drain.

The biological filter replicates the natural process, or nitrogen cycle, of the decomposition of organic compounds in lakes and ponds. These bacteria will settle within the filter to naturally decompose the trapped particles that are also passing through the filter.


Disinfect and Sanitize your Water:

Our filters utilize a UVC reactor. More than 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and algae will be destroyed by the Ultra-Violet light, guaranteeing stable and healthy water.