O2 Pool Innovation


Why ?

The poolside environment is a pleasurable and relaxing experience whether unwinding on the sundeck or taking a refreshing swim.

Like all nature, the human body deserves respect, attention, and care. Infused with the natural wood of the South of France, our exceptionally pure, chemical-free water guarantees long, healthy, and enjoyable swims. Swim in the wood of Provence and benefit from thalassotherapy in your own home.

O2pool not only exemplifies the finest quality and effortless comfort, but also maintains the constant priority of a deep respect for the environment.


Our pools at O2pool are made with solely renewable and sustainable materials. Our carefully selected wood is naturally grown, ensuring a strong and durable pool. The O2pool environment is one that replicates the lakes in the forests of Sweden. Utilizing the same timber that was used centuries ago to construct Venice, our pools have exceptional longevity and durability.

O2pool’s biological filtration system ensures pure, clear, and chemical-free water.

Your Well-Being

Handmade in Provence with regional materials, our pools are constructed with the vision for a happier environment and a healthier client.

We have intentionally selected each material to guarantee the highest quality and exceptional durability in our pools. Our wood is certified as naturally grown and free of treatment in order to ensure the utmost respect for the consumer. O2pool is 100% French and 100% Organic!

O2pools adapt easily to all soil and terrain types.


O2pool is working to protect your health through installing renewable, sustainable and natural pools.